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Search Engine Optimization

If you want to increase website visitors and generate more leads and sales organically, then SEO is crucial for your business. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a technique of getting more traffic (visitors) via organic (not paid) practices by increasing your search engine rankings.

To do that, you need to optimize your website for the search engines so that they can understand and record the kind of info your webpage contains so your webpage can be displayed to the right visitors, who are actively searching for such information.

Just think about how you find the information you are looking for? What would you do if you were looking for a restaurant near the place you are staying for the holidays? You would grab your phone and go to Google and type ‘Chinese restaurants near Limassol’ and go through the results until you find the one that suits you best.

Do you realise how much traffic you can get if your site ranks on the first page of the search engines?

If you want your target audience to be able to find your website, you need to optimize your web pages accordingly. To start seeing results with search engine optimization, takes time. You need to do a lot of work and be patient. Search engine optimization takes longer than other methods because there are several factors involved to get results like keyword difficulty, backlinks, competition, and domain age. But it is definitely worth it. If an SEO company promises instant results, be cautious.

Is Search Engine Optimization really worth it?

Here are some reasons why you should consider using SEO on your website:

Generate More Quality Leads

According to a study published by the Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Optimization leads have a 14.6 % closure rate. That's because you are not the one reaching out to them but them actively searching for your products or services. They're already considering making a purchase and they are at the beginning of their buying journey. It's not like other methods where you interrupt people as they are watching a video for example, which some find a bit annoying.

You don’t need to pay for ads

Once the search engine spiders have crawled your webpage and its content is worth ranking on the first page, you can continue to get traffic to your website for a long time. That could be months or even years. However, writing high-quality content and optimizing it for the search engines is not free. You might pay it with your time if you do it yourself or hire a digital agency to do it for you. You are going to save some money from advertising so you might invest that money into getting your website SEO optimized.

Rank Better In Local Searches

Did you know that local searches are becoming more and more popular? I am talking about searches such as "Chinese restaurant near me". Almost 80% of local searches on smartphones lead to sales. Local SEO is a great way to attract people who are ready to buy. One local strategy you can start right now is to create a Google My Business listing for your business and request Google reviews from your customers.

Credibility & Trust

Would you consider buying from a business that Google considers worthy to rank on the first page? Of course yes. People expect Google to deliver the most relevant and valuable results first, otherwise, they would go out of business. Without a doubt, having your website ranking on the 1st page shows the customers that you are one of the top players in your field, which promotes credibility and trust. That's why 75% of users don't visit the 2nd page of the results.

You Can Measure Seo Results

With Search Engine Optimization, you can measure your results and track your SEO progress. You can use Google Analytics to do that. You can actually see how many people visited your website and where they are coming from, how long they stayed on your website and what pages they visited, the keywords they used to search for your products and so much more. Based on these metrics you can make the necessary adjustment to improve your rankings.

Search Engine Optimization Improves Website Speed

How fast your website loads are one of Google’s user experience signals, and it can seriously affect your ranking. If your website takes too long to load, your ranking will suffer. So, SEO optimizing your website not only will help your website rank higher and load faster but it will also ensure a pleasant experience for your visitors, which is going to improve your sales.

Search Engine Optimization is definitely challenging but if you take advantage of it you can enjoy the benefits. SEO can position your head & shoulders above your competitors.

Learn more about Search Engine Optimization here.

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