Left or Right? Where Should You Place Product Images for Maximum Impact?

Left or Right Where Should You Place Product Images for Maximum Impact

When it comes to designing an e-commerce store, the placement of product photos is crucial. The product photos on the product details page should be placed on the top left side. Some try to be different from the usual page design and place them on the right, but unfortunately, they make a big mistake. So, where should these photos be placed on the product page?

Firstly, the left side of your page is where most people expect to find images. The top left corner is the first place buyers will look when visiting your website. If they can’t find a picture they like there, they are unlikely to bother searching further.

The left side of your page is where most people expect to find images. This is because Western cultures read from left to right and top to bottom, so our eyes naturally go toward the upper left corner of a page. Placing images on the left side can help draw attention and create a visual hierarchy for your products.

Furthermore, placing product photos in the upper left corner can have additional benefits. Eye-tracking studies have shown that people tend to spend more time looking at objects in this area compared to other parts of the screen. By generally placing the photos on the left, you may be able to increase their visibility and encourage more clicks or purchases from visitors to your online store.

This also has to do with how the brain works. The left hemisphere handles reading, writing, and calculations, while the right hemisphere processes visual entities and manages images more than words. This means it’s easier for the user to process your product page if it’s structured with images on the left and information on the right.

If your product page is easier to process, it should also be faster to process information. If the processing is faster, the user spends less time in the sales funnel, which theoretically has a positive impact on your conversion (sales). Therefore, the correct placement of product images in your e-commerce store can make or break a sale.

Secondly, it allows visitors to quickly identify the purpose of the page because that’s usually where people start reading. It’s the first thing they encounter when they visit your website. It allows visitors to recognize the product immediately upon entering the website. This enhances their experience and increases the likelihood of them staying on your site longer.

Thirdly, placing images in this position creates a visual hierarchy that guides the visitors’ eyes throughout the entire web page. This helps them understand which information is more important and where they should focus their attention next. It creates a visual hierarchy that guides the user’s eye toward other significant elements such as headers, product descriptions, and calls to action.

On smartphones, where you don’t have the choice of left or right, the most natural thing to do is to put the photo first and then the text.

Generally, placing photos on the top left side of your website’s page can enhance your brand image by creating an aesthetically pleasing layout that generates positive impressions on visitors.

Don’t you think that the image with the product on the left looks more “appropriate”?



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